Bespoke Grampians
Wine Tours

Located some 3 hours from Melbourne, a visit to the Grampians Region is a two day tour.

In the 19th-century gold fever impacted the towns of Ballarat, Beechworth and Bendigo, bringing big changes to Victoria and to Australian society in general. the gold rush left its mark on the wine industry courtesy a network of underground tunnels (or drives) at Seppelt Great Western winery.

The Grampians region benefited from French winemaking experience: Trouette, Blampied, Pierlot in the 19th century, Landragin in the late 20th century. Pierlot played a key role in establishing the reputation of the district as a sparkling wine producer and (after a 70-year hiatus) Dominique Landragin continued that role for a time during stints both with Seppelt and thereafter Yellowglen.

The Grampians is predominantly a red wine region like its neighboring region the Pyrenees

Wineries to visit on our tours in the Grampians include -

Clayfield Wines
Fallen Giants
Garden Gully
Grampians Estate
Mt Langhi Giran
The Story